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Why Cyberpsychology?

As cyber security professionals, our team was disheartened by the lack of focus on the human element in security, and the high incidence of repeated human error that accompanies cyber security breaches. As organisational psychologists, we knew there was a way to help.


CEO, Co-Founder

Berta worked as an occupational psychologist, delivering competency-based assessment programmes in the financial and professional services, natural resources and manufacturing industries. Berta joined cyber security as the Managing Director of a cyber threat intelligence consulting firm, where she worked for 4 years.

Berta holds a Masters in Social Sciences from the University of Linköping in Sweden and currently studies towards an MSc in Neuroscience at King’s College London.


CISO, Co-Founder

Alonso has worked in cybersecurity for 15 years, most recently as Head of Threat Intelligence. He started his career as a pentester, then moved on to more strategic roles, such as Security Manager in the pharmaceutical industry, building technical threat intel teams, and designing cyber insurance models.

He holds an MBA from the University of Pernambuco in Brazil.

Strategic Advisors

We have 15 strategic board members chaired by Andy Williams. This team are made up of industry experts in cyber risk management, law enforcement and secure government backgrounds, organisational, clinical and cognitive psychologists, educational experts, and researchers. This board ensures our methodology and solutions are based on solid practical and evidence-based foundations, backed up by an expert team of commercial, legal and financial backgrounds. 

Everyone is rallied around the company purpose, to help the team engage with key stakeholders and decision makers promoting our products and services to their trusted network.

Our Mission

To build organisational resilience in a way that is sustainable, focuses on the psychology of a team, and is self-improving, so it doesn’t go out of date a few updates later.

We believe in protecting the companies worth fighting for, who improve society and create jobs. We are careful about who we work with ethically, and where we stand. We’re an innovative anti-prejudice company with strong female leadership and a commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards in our actions and words.

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We work with mission-critical departments in governments, law enforcement and global organisations to ensure the highest standards of organisational resilience.

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